Friday, March 23, 2007

Lesbian comics

There is a comic on the web that I like very much.
I wish I had that kind of comics when I was young! Maybe I would've accepted myself sooner instead of trying to be straight.
I knew I was different, but I had nowhere to turn and see that being a lesbian was actually not a terrible thing. I was just different.
So, I found this website, the comic is called Yu + Me. I read the whole thing! It is fun, fresh, and the author is pretty talented.
She is even getting it in a book.

Here's the link:


Rain said...

Shameless self promotion...


Have a look at my comics, and thanks for the tips of these comics mentioned in this post aswell!

My whole archive is here:

Sally said...

Thank you!
I was just checking out your comics. Very interesting, very political. I like the simplicity and the statements you make. Good for you! Keep it up. I'm putting a link here for your archive.